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Up Your Car’s Aesthetics With The Best Auto Refinishing Service in The Central Valley Region

Have you ever entertained the thought of having a design on your car that could take its aesthetics to the next level? If yes, we can make your thought into a reality! Here at Premier Werkz Auto Salon, we make car owners’ fantasy makeovers materialize with our top-notch auto refinishing service. We provide a variety of custom refinishing solutions to clients to meet their specific needs and demands. Whether you’re looking for a subtle embellishment, a full-out design makeover, or protect the factory finish of your car, we can do it all, and that with premium quality materials and workmanship. 

Customisable, factory finish, limitless options

Get an immaculate car finish with Premier Werkz’s full car color vinyl wrap

Enhance your car’s appearance with customized decals

Protect car paint job with highly advanced paint protection film

If you’re looking for a way to give your car a completely fresh look, go for our full car color vinyl wrap and be amazed by the result. Your car will be immaculately coated with the exact color of your choice topped with a stunning finish. Color options, from plain and simple, to rare and unique, are almost limitless. The best thing is that vinyl wrap removal leaves absolutely no trace that may tamper with the original paint job. In fact, when you let Premier Werkz handle vinyl wrap removal of your car, scratches or markings should be the least of your concern. In addition to vinyl wraps, we also provide a carbon fiber overlay that gives a car a subtle yet imposing appearance.

Adding the smallest details and decals to your car can have a significant impact on enhancing its appearance. Put on the right touch with Premier Werkz customization options and create specific designs of vinyl and carbon fiber overlay for the best spots. Whether you want to apply a roof wrap or rally/racing stripes, dechrome a specific part, or apply tint on the headlamp or tail lamp, we can custom-print wraps with just the right graphics to complement the looks and theme of your car. 

Maintain the fresh look of your car by protecting its factory finish paint job with our highly engineered paint protection film. Premier Werkz’s PPF keeps your car’s surfaces safe from all kinds of external and weather elements. It features hydrophobic properties that enable it to repel water reducing dirt retention and promoting self-cleanability, and a self-healing top-coat technology that enables it to heal itself from light abrasions with the application of controlled heat. The extreme gloss factor gives a permanent look of a crisp finish. 

Pamper your car with professional auto detailing that does it like no other

We know what your car means to you, and that is why we provide a professional auto detailing service worthy of it. Here at Premier Werkz, we use only the best coatings for vehicle protection and employ the least abrasive techniques. We start with mild chemicals and work our way to using stronger chemicals till it is safe enough to achieve the desired finish. Get your auto refinishing done at Premier Werkz and see results that exceed your expectations.

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