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Professional Auto Detailing

We take pride in our methods of how the detailing jobs are executed here at Premier Werkz. With knowledge and years of experience, we apply methods of using the least abrasive techniques and working it up the ladder to using more harsher chemicals/compounds to acheive the desired results. Be it a vintage car/truck, an exotic, EV or even an RV. We have you covered to protect your new purchase/investment.

We also offer more extensive detailing and maintainance packages as per customer requirements attending to special needs show cars and more.

We Sell and Install Wax is Dead Ceramic Coatings

Turn Your Car New With Professional Auto Detailing From Premier Werkz Auto Salon

Have the looks of your car seen better days? Why not bring back its original fresh factory finish with our superior auto detailing? Here at Premier Werkz, we specialize in giving a new life to the appearance and interior of cars. Over the course of our experience, we have developed a unique non-abrasive technique of applying premium quality ceramic coatings that bring an immaculate finish to a car’s looks. We work on all kinds of vehicles, ranging from vintage cars to trucks, to EVs and RVs. Whether your vehicle needs a thorough wash, Ceramic Coating, interior cleaning, caliper color change, trim conditioning, or any auto detailing custom work, leave it in your hands and be amazed at the result.

Express Inside Out Detail

Do you need to squeeze in a quick car wash in your tight schedule? Our express inside-out detail will deliver just what you need, a spotless car in quick time. We understand that not every car owner has hours to spare to get their car detailing done. And that is what we have designed this service for. Our team of professionals are experts at using the least amount of time to clean and detail car parts, without compromising on quality. We will clean all the surface and visible interior parts of your car, including the wheels and tires in under an hour. Your car will look as good as new, fully coated with protective coats before you know it.

Complete Interior Detail Package

There are levels to being a car owner, and it shows in the amount of effort and expense they put into car maintenance. This is why our complete interior detail package comes in three levels. The thoroughness and amount of work put in detailing increases with every progression in level. Our interior detail package of any level is guaranteed to bring visible results, but some are significantly more noticeable than others. Because of the amount and complexity of work put in, the detailing can last from two to three hours starting with level 1, to two to three days with level 3.

Car wash

Want to maintain the fresh and new look you just got for your car? Our car wash will do just that. We reserve our car wash service only for cars we have previously detailed or coated. This is because it is not an ordinary car wash. We wash cars in a temperature-controlled environment to do the least damage to the previous auto detailing work we’ve done on the car. Once the final process of the car wash is complete, your car will look just as stunning as it did when you dropped it with us.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Keep your car engine clean and spotless with our engine bay cleaning. We use a strict and safe method of cleaning your engine to prevent any risk of damage to critical parts. You will see the result of our expertise in engine bay cleaning not only visibly but also from the noticeable increase in performance.

Headlight Restoration

Enhance the performance and looks of your car headlights with our headlight restoration. We remove all the dust and debris that has accumulated around the corner, and clean and coat the lens for bright light projection.

PPF protection can be added for 10yr warranty 

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Offering Indoor Car Washing Experience in a Temperature controlled environment like no other around 

Car Park

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If you want to know more, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to answer any questions that you might have.

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