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Premier Werkz’ Custom Modification Service

Your car is one of your most prized possessions. In fact, if you’re a car person, you’ll find that your car is more than just a vehicle for transportation, but an incredible work of machinery, capable of delivering incomparable thrill and exhilaration.


So when you have second thoughts about giving your car to a nondescript automotive service for a modification or a part upgrade, that is truly understandable. In fact, you may be making the right decision as leaving your car in the hands of the wrong people can do more bad than good.


This is where Premier Werkz comes in. We are a premium custom modification provider you can trust wholeheartedly. With us, there is no risk involved in giving your car for modification or installation work. We are professionals highly dedicated and passionate in our work, and we offer a one-stop shop for all your vehicle modification and installation needs.

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Increase Your Car’s Performance With Premier Werkz’ Flawless Installation Works

When most people think of increasing a car’s performance, they often immediately jump to modifications that increase its horsepower or torque. But there’s more to your car than just speed and acceleration, and you can increase your car performance by improving other determining factors.


Imagine generating hundreds of power in your engine and losing a considerable amount of that on wheelspin. That is what happens when your wheel doesn't have enough traction on the road surface. A Coilover provides optimal suspension to your car and absorbs shock and vibration. This allows your car wheel to have maximum ground contact and power transfer. The Coilover installation also lowers your car’s overall height and center of gravity. Gain significant improvement in steadiness and handling by installing a Coilover.


Braking hardly comes up as a consideration for improving performance in a car. More often than not, braking is mostly seen as a feature for safety. The logic is simple: if you have more braking power, you have a greater ability to stop the car even at high speeds to prevent an accident. But there’s more to breaking than just increasing safety. When you're racing, having a BBK installed in your car allows you to engage the brake later, reducing your braking time. A strong set of brakes also enables you to have better control of the power of your car. Having this control can help improve your handling.


Aero installation is one of a handful of car mods that is as functional as it looks good. Fitting an aero on your car not only gives it an absolutely sports look, but also gives an aerodynamic performance advantage. When done correctly, an aero install can affect the performance of your car when it reaches extremely high speeds. Our smart and flawless aero installation can increase your straight-line speed, cornering speed, braking, and engine efficiency.


Performance is what defines your car, but that should not stop it from having other qualities. You can make your car entertaining by installing a superior audio system. Let your car have the best of both with Premier Werkz’ audio installation and other installation work.



Do you think your car needs an upgrade? Contact us to help you.

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