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Air Suspension, Coilovers

At PremierWerkz, it’s our dedication that differentiates us from other car shops. We’re continuously training our team of mechanics to provide the highest levels of technical expertise for our customers. PremierWerkz believes in getting you back on the road in the best style.

Enhance Comfort And Performance With Premier Werkz’ Automotive Suspension Solutions

A car can be impressive in many ways. Design, color, aesthetics, sound, and more… all these features can earn jaw-dropping admiration from passersby, and excellence in those are definitely great things to have in a car. The only thing is though, they do little to improve the experience of driving a car.

If you want your car to have impressive features that impact its ride quality, why not make it outstanding in comfort and performance? All you have to do is upgrade your current car suspension system with Premier Werkz’s automotive suspension solutions. We offer top-of-the-line, high-performance air suspension kits from top manufacturers such as Air Lift Performance, Air Force, and BC Racing. Have a firsthand experience of how high-quality air suspension combined with top-tier automotive workmanship can enhance the ride quality of your car. Level up the comfort and performance of your car with Premier Werkz Automotive Suspension Solutions and be amazed by the results.

Glide Over Bumps With Air Suspension System

Even the best automotive enthusiasts do not enjoy car rides when they are uncomfortably bumpy. Especially at high speeds, shock and impacts from running over bumps can feel as though they have been amplified. Car suspensions cushion the blow when you run over bumps by absorbing the shock and vibration effectively.


If the roads were perfectly flat and smooth, with no irregularities, car suspensions wouldn’t be necessary. But roads are far from perfect and scattered with uneven sections that can cause bumps and other kinetic impacts. That is why cars have suspension systems, to soften impact and vibration when running over rough patches on roads. If you want to minimize these impacts on your car, why not use the best equipment for the job?


The top-end air suspension system allows you to adjust multiple features such as air spring rate, dampening, and ride height. Making these adjustments maximizes comfort and handling when driving over demanding roads. If you want to make the most out of every drive, install performance air suspension kits such as Airlift Suspension on your car to see massive upgrades in ride quality. Regardless of the terrain, or the condition of the road you're driving, you’ll be gliding over bumps with top-of-the-line suspensions installed on your car.

Feel Your Car Respond As You’ve Never Felt Before

When people think of improving car performance, most commonly think of installing a supercharger or a turbocharger to increase horsepower and torque. But what is the point of generating additional horsepower and torque when a fraction of that is lost on wheelspin? This is where upgrading your car suspension to a high-performance air suspension comes in.


Suspension systems offered by Autowerkz’ Automotive Suspension Solutions maximize the friction between your car tires and the road surface. This converts all the power coming from the engine into acceleration and speed. The additional traction also provides steering stability to enhance handling and responsiveness. With a performance suspension system on your car, you will be able to turn corners at much faster speeds and with greater control. And all you need to do is simply get suspension work done at Premier Werkz.

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