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We offer a one-stop-shop experience for many automotive fashion needs. Ranging from complete auto detailing, ceramic coatings, Paint protection film/Clear bra, Ceramic Tint, Full color change vinyl wraps, Dechroming to also lowering cars with products we have to offer from Airlift Performance, BC coilovers, Rays/Enkei/ Wedsport/ Forgestar and many other wheel offerings. 

We Now Offer
Ceramic Window Tint With over 90% IR Heat Rejection

Ceramic Coatings Just Got Better

WAX IS DEAD offer the very best in ceramic coating technology. Engineered for specific applications our ceramic coatings offer the ultimate protection under the most extreme conditions.

Our range of coatings are suitable for professional detailing companies wanting to offer customers enhanced ceramic coating technology as well as detailing enthusiasts that need the very best products for their pride and joy; WAX IS DEAD is unlike anything you have tried before.

9H hardness paint coatings that last 2, 5 and lifetime/10yr. Customers say it looks as if the car was dipped in glass! Dont just take our word on it, Experience for yourself.

Wheels, Brake Calipers, Trim, Glass, Plastics, Carpet, Leather and virtually any surface can be coated for long lasting protection and shine.

STEK Paint Protection Fim Offered in various styles.

STEK is revolutionizing the Paint Protection Film industry by producing highly advanced film technologies to protect the most advance vehicles. With our leading Hydrophobic and Self Healing top-coat technologies and extreme gloss factor, STEK offers a film for each drivers style to keep your vehicle a beautifully protected unique staple of your personality.

STEK Ceramic Tint 


Our ACTIONseries Nano Carbon window tint provides a stylish look, heat rejection and 99% UV protection for both you and your interior, without compromising radio or satellite signals.

The film also has outstanding color stability which is covered by a lifetime warranty against fading or peeling allowing you and your passengers to have an enjoyable, sleek and safe ride for the lifetime of your vehicle. 


NEXseries is a premium nano ceramic window film designed to provide maximum heat rejection. Featuring extremely refined nano ceramic particles with graphene, NEXseries blocks up to 98% of infrared light and does not have any metallic layers eliminating the need to worry about radio or satellite interference. With a nice neutral color, increase your privacy and feel ultimate heat rejection with STEK NEXseries.

ACTIONseries Specifications

  • Carbon Ceramic Technology

  • Color Stable (Never Fades or Turns Purple)

  • Protects from Infrared Heat and harmful UV rays

  • Zero interference with radio or satellite signals

NEXseries Specifications

  • Nano Ceramic with Proprietary Graphene Technology

  • Excellent Clarity and Glare Reduction

  • Up to 98% Infrared Rejection and 99% UV Rejection

  • Zero interference with radio or satellite signals


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