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Central Valley's Professional Facility for Automotive Protection And Restyling

We offer a One-Stop-Shop for All Around Vehicle Protection and Automotive Fashion needs. We are the local pro's you can Trust! Our goal is to provide the best overall shopping experience for Any of your vehicle needs. Bought a new car and looking to add minimal protection to keep it looking good for a long time? Or pick up a used car which you'd like to restore to its original beauty and add modifications to your liking! We offer a plethora of services listed below to choose from.


  1. Professional Auto Detailing

  2. Ceramic Coatings

  3. Powder Coating 

  4. PPF/Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra

  5. Ceramic Window Tint(Computer Cut)

  6. Full Color Change Vinyl Wraps

  7. Rally Stripes/Custom Vinyl work

  8. Dechroming

  9. PDR

  10. Caliper Color Change


Lowering cars with products we have to offer from Airlift Performance, BC coilovers and Wheel Offerings ESR / Rays / Enkei / Wedsport / Forgestar. 

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Revamp Your Car With Premier Werkz’ Custom Modifications

Car enthusiasts have a hard time finding auto salons they trust enough to handover their car. It’s no surprise, cars are a prized possession that go beyond just the functional aspects. This is why we take care to ensure that our customers get the best deal and are confident to leave their prized possessions without a worry! At Premier Werkz, we’ve painstakingly earned the trust and confidence of our customers with the quality and reliability of our service. We provide matchless custom modifications for all types of cars. Whether you are looking to improve the performance or appearance of your car, our team of highly-trained and experienced professionals will deliver results guaranteed to fulfill your needs and demands.

Improve your car’s performance with our superior suspension modifications

Your car’s performance including handling, responsiveness, traction, and others are affected by the height and quality of its suspension system. With our superior suspension modification we can lower the body of your car to improve its performance. Lowering cars bring their center of gravity closer to the ground, and this can have multiple beneficial effects. 


Being closer to the ground while driving increases your stability. This allows you to handle the car with more responsiveness and precision. Reducing the travel length of your suspension makes your spring stiffer, this lessens weight transfer and when you hit your gas pedal, you can achieve faster acceleration. A lower body height also means your car is more aerodynamic. Not only does this make your car look more sporty and stunning, it makes your car faster and more fuel efficient. This is because there is less air hitting your wheel and tyres, allowing them to move more freely without resistance.

Blackout Your Car With Flawless Chrome Delete

A little bit of contrast in color can be a nice look on your car, but not when you want a fully black out look. With our chrome delete, we can turn all the non-black parts of your car including the front grill, badges, window trim, and any other exterior part fully black to give your car an elegant and striking appearance. And you don’t have to worry if your car has a matte or glossy finish. Our chrome delete work is top-tier and we have a variety of different films to perfectly match the finish of your car including matte, satin and glossy. We also use top quality materials. This helps to ensure that they stick well and are durable.

Protect Exposed Car Parts With Powder Coating

Your car’s factory finish paint fades overtime, and exposure to various weather and environment elements such as heat, direct sunlight, dust, and others can deteriorate the finish. This is particularly common in areas that are more exposed and prone to chipping or scratching. We can help restore the original look of your car (if not top it), and retain it for a much longer period of time. Our detailing salon uses top quality powder coating material that brings out the highest quality finish. Before we get started our expert detailer will check the depth of your existing paint to know how much he has to work with. Areas that are generally overlooked or overexposed will be handled with care to enhance the powder coating longevity.


Need Top-Quality Modifications For Your Car?

Call us to book an appointment

Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. Weekends-Available by appointment

Serving Central Valley

4629 Spyres Way Ste F, Modesto, Ca 95356 

Contact : Harpreet @ 408-981-2902

Our Second Location Is now Proudly Serving the Bay Area
1170 Willow Ave #7 Sunnyvale, CA 94086


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