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Stek Automotive Paint Protection Film: For a Long-Lasting New Look

Imagine if there was a way to keep your car as new as when it left the factory. How brilliant would that be! Well, we’ve made that into reality. And they are called the Stek Automotive Paint Protection Films. These industry revolutionizing paint protection films (PPF) are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology. Formulated to provide ultra-protection to the most stunning and elegant four-wheeled beauties in the country without compromising one bit on aesthetics, Stek Automotive Films boast of multiple features that only help in enhancing its quality and performance. Allow Premier Werkz the honor of protecting your car with Stek Automotive Films and marvel at the impressive result.


Preserve Factory Finish With DYNOshield

Protecting the cosmetics and paint job of your car is important, but certainly not at the cost of suppressing its impressive looks. That is why Stek has developed its DYNOshield paint protection film, an ultra glossy clear bra PPT with extreme clarity. Even with 8 mils of extreme puncture resistant top coating, you won't notice any visual difference, not even at point blank range. And you don't have to worry about the tiny particles that create micro-scratches when you drive at high speed in the open. Its puncture resistance properties makes it an impenetrable insulation that keeps the paint safe even from the tiniest of scratches and abrasions. Also, if that wasn’t impressive enough, DYNOshield film has auto-healing properties. Scratches on the protection film can be erased by applying a small amount of heat that allows the film to regain its original form and clarity.

Maintain Your Car’s Looks With Minimal Effort

We assume your car blazes through the roads every once in a while, because why not? What’s the point in having a true, four-wheeled head-turner if you don’t flaunt it every now and then. And that is how Stek Automotive Films let you spend the majority of your time with your car, not cleaning and wiping off dust from it. Stek’s PPFs have been optimized to keep dust, debris and other particles off. The films have a nano-ceramic top coat bonded to them at a molecular level that provides extreme hydrophobic properties. This makes them incredibly repellent to moisture, dust, and dirt retention. You will hardly ever have to clean your car, and on the odd occasions that you need to, it won't take you more than a quick wipe for a speckless finish. The nano-ceramic coating also eliminates the need for regular waxing and after-market top coatings. Apart from the occasional auto detailing work we perform on your car, you won’t have to spend time cleaning it.

Get Your Money’s Worth From a Long Lasting Paint Protection

Plenty of other PPF offer a long life, but they don’t age as remotely well as Stek Automotive Films. Stek Automotive Films do not turn opaque and yellow as they age, they retain their clarity, and other protective properties till the end of their life. For one, this is a true mark or superior quality, and secondly you won’t have to worry about when you’ll have to apply a new PPF soon. Additionally, Stek Automotive Films have 10 years of warranty, so even if you plan to keep your car for that long, that is a long time before you’ll need to replace it. 

Drowning Car

STEK is revolutionizing the Paint Protection Film industry by producing highly advanced film technologies designed to protect the most advanced vehicles. With our leading Hydrophobic and Self Healing top-coat technology and extreme gloss factor, STEK offers a film for each driver's style to keep your vehicle a beautifully protected staple of your personality.


Browse the options for clear bras, fashion films, and window films today to get world class protection!

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